Michele Taras decided to begin designing leggings due to a desire to have fun and exciting designs for herself and her friends, but soon the leggings took on a life of their own and received wide acclaim from passers by and store owners.

Michele Taras Art Apparel is entirely Canadian designed, made and manufactured. Michele Taras comes up with the designs, and then the designs are sent to a Canadian manufacturer who then puts these designs onto leggings, capris, dresses, kimonos and scarves.

Apart from the Maple Leaf leggings, these leggings are currently limited edition. Each design is limited to 25 pieces, so that you can feel you are wearing something truly unique. These leggings are good for every-day wear and working out. They are super comfortable! You can also dress them up with a scarf and funky jacket, fun pair of shoes - and you are all set for a nice evening out! Due to the stretch and spanx in the fabric, these leggings are very comfortable and help to give you a great shape. Above is a photo of Michele Taras with her mother and niece. They are all sizes: small, medium and large, yet they are all wearing size medium leggings and capris.