2012 "Kids and Pets" calendar is now available!

Not only is this calendar cute, but it also raises funds!!!
This is the must have calendar for anyone with pets, kids or grandkids! Give yourself and your friends this wonderful gift!
The calendar launch party will be on December 3rd, 57 Mill St. North in Brampton West.From 10:00 till noon.
There will be a magic show as well as a draw for a pair of Air Canada tickets and other silent auction items! Everyone is welcome! Bring the kids!
Everyone who buys 2 calendars will be entered into the draw for a pair of Air Canada tickets. Calendars are one for $15.00, two for $25.00!

Brampton Early Years Centre map for directions

Silent auction items will be available, there will also be a magic show to help entertain your little ones!
Buy two calendars and be entered in the draw for a pair of Air Canada tickets!
Help us support SickKids hospital!
Sorry, you'll have to buy the calendar to see more pictures! Please buy one or two now!
They make great Christmas gifts for friends and family at home and abroad!
Proceeds will be going to the Matteo D'Ermo fund for the neurology department of SickKids
Please help us make this calendar the biggest fund raiser of them all!

To purchase calendars, please call Michele at 519-941-7444 or email:



The 2012 Calendar has been awarded Honourable Mention with the Interational Photography Awards, Lucie Awards 2012. Making the best possible calendars to raise funds for SickKids hospital

The 2011 calendar "Children Outdoors" was a huge success, and enabled us to get a plaque commemorating Matteo at SickKids.
Thanks to everyone for your amazing support whether by buying a calendar, or sponsoring a month.

2010 calendar "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up" - Encouraging your children's dreams.


After my friend's son Matteo passed at the age of 4 of a heart attack, the 2010 SickKids calendar shifted its proceeds to Matteo's fund.
There is nothing more devastating to a parent than losing one's son, but in spite of that the D'Ermo's wanted to do something to give back to SickKids as the hospital had always done so much for their son.
We set out our goal to raise enough money to get Matteo a plaque on the hospital wall.

2009 guardian article
Brampton Guardian, Oct. 18th, 2009

2009 calendar "Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables" - Encouraging health and raising funds.

Photographs in the 2009 calendar won first place with the PX3 international awards based out of Paris, France and two HM with the International Photography Awards based out of the United States.

brampton guardian Oct. 3 2008
Brampton Guardian, Oct. 3rd, 2008

The 2009 calendar originated with the strong belief that it is important for every individual to give back to the community, and is made as a tribute to Joshua. At the age of 3, completely out of the blue, Joshua began having seizures. The seizures went from one a day to - two days later - 25 a day. The seizures began in his eyes, then his arms, then his whole body, with even his breathing becoming problematic. It was a very stressful time for his parents. His mother describes it as having her heart "cracked in a million pieces." There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer and be unable to do anything. Joshua needed surgery in order to stop having seizures. He is now healthy and happy thanks to SickKids hospital. We would like to donate our proceeds to SickKids Hospital so that more children like Joshua can continue living healthy, happy lives.

The 2009 calendar incorporates not only fun images of children, but also encourages healthy eating habits.
The 2009 calendar has raised $16 517.16, thank you, we couldn't have done it without your help!

If you would like to donate or purchase a calendar, you can also call Michele at 519-941-7444 or email:


Raising funds for SickKids Hospital is so important.
Please join us in making this calendar a huge success.

"It is important to raise money for the hospital so kids won't be sick anymore. So they can stop throwing up and be at home and get presents and feel better."
Michael - 5 years old.
"Lily loved your calendar so much that I had to hide it so that it would survive 2009! Because of it she even tried Broccoli! Well, she tried to put it on her head like Michael, but then she actually tasted it... a definite step in the right direction! Thanks!" Nicole - parent
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Thank you for your support!
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