A journey as profound as cancer deserves healing. The first step in that direction is being brave enough to tell your story. Share in the unique experience of telling your story and having it captured in a storybook series of photographs. Contact the photographer for more information.

Nothing speaks to the heart more than a photograph with your loved ones. Contact the photographer to book an appointment for a photo session with someone who understands. 519-941-7444. Commemorate life.

The Breast Cancer Project

Raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer, telling the stories that need to be told. Celebrating Life through Art.
Truly a Must-See event!

This photographic event includes photographs of over 100 breast cancer survivors and their stories.
The Breast Cancer Project has been been exhibited at System 44 in Toronto, Art Trax in Mississauga, Beaux Arts Brampton, The Arts Project, in London and has shown in conjunction with PhotoSensitive's Cancer Connections Project, exhibiting all across Canada. To date over $40 000.00 has been raised for Princess Margaret Hospital, Credit Valley Hospital, Wellspring Chinguacousy and the London Regional Cancer Program.
You can contact Michele Taras for more information about The Breast Cancer Project at 519-941-7444, or email michele@micheletaras.com

Michele Taras is also currently working together with Photosensitive and TIEd together, photographing prostate cancer survivors. Please contact Michele Taras if you would like to participate.

To see the Youtube on "The Breast Cancer Project":
The Breast Cancer Project Youtube

This project originated with the strong belief that it is important for every individual to give back to the community, and was inspired by my grandmother who passed away from cancer in 2005. The idea of a photographic fund raiser was only natural.

This project incorporates not only powerful images of breast cancer survivors, but also documents their stories as real tributes of courage.This project will be inspiring survivors of breast cancer all across North America, and sending them a message of hope. As well, we hope to encourage women to get checked; early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer.

Past events: October 2007 in Toronto for the research team of Dr. Tak Mak at The Princess Margaret Hospital
November 2008 in Mississauga for medical equipment and the Arts in Medicine Program at Credit Valley Hospital
April 2009 in Brampton for Wellspring Chinguacousy in Brampton.
October 2009 in London for the translational breast cancer research team of the London Regional Cancer Program

If you would like to donate or would like to host a future show, you can call Michele at 519-941-7444 or email:


Raising funds to find a cure for breast cancer is so important.
See the photographs and be moved, read the stories and be inspired.

Dear Michele I'm writing today to thank-you for the amazing opportunity to participate in your breast cancer project. The experience of being a photographic model was not only fun but liberating.
As a breast cancer survivor with bilateral mastectomies, my body image has been tremendously altered. Although I live without breasts and still feel very much a woman, there is something I haven't felt much of since being diagnosed with breast cancer. The experience of being photographed and to see the images that you created instills a sense of pride that it is okay to be me, just the way I am, without breasts. For the first time in ages, I felt beautiful. The images are powerfully moving and illicit a strong emotion when I look at them. You have a remarkable talent and have artistically and uniquely told my personal story with breast cancer. I am so grateful for that, for what I could not describe to people verbally I can now point to your photo's and say
"look, this is what breast cancer is like, this is exactly how I felt"
I think donating your energies to this project to raise monies for breast cancer research is a wonderful endeavour and I wish you tremendous success with it all.
Sincerely Mary Coulter.

Photographs in this exhibit were recognized by the International Photography Awards, based out of the United States and the PX3 awards based out of Paris, France, including the people's choice awards.

Breast Cancer postcard
Support Breast Health
Support Breast Health

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Also please see the following link about the project:

Please help Stephanie Simmons raise awareness for Childhood cancer by signing her petition to Canada Post for a gold ribbon stamp. It's simple. All it takes is a signature.

Please help support Rachel's Rainbow. No child should ever have to know cancer.

You can purchase the book "Cancer Connections" by the non-profit organization Photosensitive in major cities across Canada. 20 of my images figure in the book, as well as on the cover. Photography can make a difference in the all important battle against cancer.